Agro Industry

Agro 1

Intensive understanding of farmer needs, field trials, strong market presence, vast distribution network, highly dedicated in-house specialists, excellent customer satisfaction and huge registrations assets is what makes Tamdec one of the most preferred brands among farmers today.

Agro 2

Services Agro Industry

  • • Consultancy Services.
    • Feasibility Studies/Business Plans.
    • Planning, Design and Engineering of Project.
    • Oversight of the Construction Phase of the Project.
    • Crop Planning.
    • Procurement of high quality seeds and mother plants.

  • • Procurement of all equipment including machinery.
    • Farm Management Services.
    • Full Management Services for all the aspects of project throughout the life of the project.
    • Sales and Marketing of Products on International Market.
    • Continuous R&D to upgrade and improve the projects production and quality.

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